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Peter Mahaffey

Award-winning Director/Writer/Actor

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6 Years in Filmmaking

I started working in the industry when I was nineteen and have since worked across all types of productions: features, shorts, music videos, television, etc. As a filmmaker, I shoot mostly on analog formats, with a focus on 16mm film. I believe strongly in the value of celluloid for both filmmakers and audiences. As a writer/script editor, I have had scripts make it to the top of the Black List. In 2018, I shot a feature film on Super 16 film stock. That feature film, Wasted Hours, is currently in the festival circuit, having its worldwide premiere at the Solaris Film Festival in Nice, France. It also won "Best US Feature" at the 52 Weeks Film Festival. I maintain a Youtube channel and create content for social media influencers.

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